Raw Athletics Launches Vapor Fresh Odor Eliminating Inserts

September 15, 2017

Raw Athletics is excited to announce the launch of another new product within their Vapor Fresh line of green cleaning products– Vapor Fresh Odor Eliminating Inserts.

Odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments. By eliminating excess moisture in your shoes, boxing gloves, hockey gloves, lacrosse gloves and gym bags, you can make it less-hospitable for these odor-causing germs and help keep your sports equipment fresher and newer for longer.

Vapor Fresh Odor Eliminating Inserts are filled with super-absorbing biodegradable filling able to draw in moisture from its surrounding environment. Vapor Fresh Odor Eliminating Inserts are made from an antimicrobial, breathable fabric to ensure that the inserts can draw in moisture efficiently without harboring additional bacteria.

Vapor Fresh Odor Eliminating Inserts are also perfectly compatible with our Vapor Fresh Boxing Glove Dogs, which are designed to allow you to remove and replace these inserts, making your boxing gloves machine-washable and very long-lasting.

Vapor Fresh Odor Eliminating Inserts are available at VaporFresh.com as well as Amazon.

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