Former Hockey Player Introduces Vapor Fresh® Laundry Detergent Pods As The First High Performance Eco-Friendly Detergent For Household Use

Strong Enough for Gym Clothes, Gentle Enough for Everything Else, Vapor Fresh® Now Available On And At Select Grocers

AUGUST 23, 2018, WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Vapor Fresh® – a line of high-performance green cleaning products designed for active lifestyles – is redefining what it means to be clean with the launch of their high-performance, eco-friendly, free and clear laundry detergent pods now available for all households and consumers.

The first and only laundry detergent pod on the market that combines high-performance with green cleaning, Vapor Fresh® Laundry Detergent pods can be purchased online at, on and at select grocers for $13.99 for 30 pods.

“We’re excited to make these laundry detergent pods available to every household thanks to and our regional grocery partners,” said Stephen Steinberg, Founder of Raw Athletics, the company behind Vapor Fresh®. “For anyone that currently uses a free and clear detergent, ours is stronger. For anyone whose wardrobe is majority athleisure, this detergent will help extend the life of your gym clothes.  For anyone that cares about lowering their carbon footprint, this detergent is your best option.  It truly is for everyone.”

Unlike other free and clear or eco-friendly laundry detergents available today, Vapor Fresh® doesn’t sacrifice cleaning power.  Vapor Fresh® is strong enough to eliminate sweat and odor in the smelliest gym clothes, but is also gentle enough for everyday use on all laundry. Vapor Fresh® uses an advanced enzyme blend to allow it to perform well in cold water, which can help lower energy consumption by up to 90% from a warm (or hot) water wash and reduce energy costs by $0.60 per load.

“After developing our first laundry detergent for a commercial application, we realized it was not only possible but optimal to design a laundry detergent that cleans so well it doesn’t need irritating and unnecessary additives such as fragrances, brighteners, dyes and softeners that other companies use to hide their lack of cleaning power,” added Steinberg. “It took two years to develop this into a consumer-friendly pod, but we’re excited to finally bring this technology to the household.”

Vapor Fresh® was created by former University of Maryland Club Hockey Player Stephen Steinberg while in college when he needed something to keep his hockey pads from smelling up his dorm room. When Steinberg was unable to find any products that could eliminate odor from his hockey pads without irritating chemicals, in 2008 he produced his own formula that worked better while only using safe, natural ingredients. Shortly after, Steinberg launched his first product – Vapor Fresh® Sports Cleaning Spray – under Raw Athletics which became the first of many Vapor Fresh® products.

Since 2012, Steinberg and Vapor Fresh® have been combining green-cleaning principles with highly effective chemistry to create an entire line of cleaning products for the sports and fitness industry. Vapor Fresh® helps athletes avoid exposure to harmful chemicals found in everyday cleaning products so they can live healthier and perform better. From professional and collegiate sports teams to gyms and fitness studios, Vapor Fresh® has helped athletic organizations lower their cost of cleaning supplies and keep their facilities cleaner and greener.

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About Vapor Fresh®
Vapor Fresh® is a line of high-performance green cleaning products designed for active lifestyles. Having a mission to develop products that help athletes lead healthier lifestyles because they believe “a healthy athlete is a better athlete”. Their line of products include cleaning sprays for sports equipment, gym equipment, shoes and yoga mats; laundry detergents designed for cold water that are both extremely high-performance and eco-friendly without the use of fragrances, dyes or brighteners; disinfecting gym wipes for gyms and fitness centers; and more. Vapor Fresh® is owned by Raw Athletics, a Washington, D.C., based company that was founded at the University of Maryland in 2008.

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