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A healthy athlete is a better performing athlete. Our mission is to develop products, either through growth or acquisition, that help people lead healthier lives.

Commitment To You

Above all, we commit ourselves to making sure we are continually introducing and improving products that help people lead healthy lives.

Never Stop Innovating

We pride ourselves on continually utilizing the newest innovations in the health & wellness industry to ensure our products lead the way in terms of efficacy, price & safety.


We only have one earth and it needs our help. We commit to being an integral part of the solution because any other alternative is unacceptable.

Utmost Integrity

We want to earn your trust with every interaction you have with us. We will always rise above other brands that use shady business practices and dishonest marketing claims.


Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning Products

Stronger, Safer Cleaning Products For Active Lifestyles

Vapor Fresh® is our line of stronger, safer cleaning products for the sports & fitness industry. Used by pro and collegiate sports programs, fitness centers, spin studios and families across the country.

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For over a decade, Vapor Fresh® Cleaning & Deodorizing Spray has been the #1 botanically based cleaning spray for sports pads & fitness equipment! Formulated to eliminate odors from hockey pads, football pads, soccer pads, boxing gloves, yoga mats, home gym equipment and more without harsh chemicals that can irritate you skin. And we do this all 100% naturally!


What you use to clean your exercise equipment with will eventually come in direct contact with your body. Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes are EPA registered to disinfect 99.9% of surfaces with plant based citric acid. These wipes are trusted by some of the top gyms nationwide and are also available in small canisters for home use.