Raw Athletics Launches Vapor Fresh Odor Eliminating Inserts

Raw Athletics Launches Vapor Fresh Odor Eliminating Inserts

Raw Athletics is excited to announce the launch of another new product within their Vapor Fresh line of green cleaning products– Vapor Fresh Odor Eliminating Inserts.

Odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments. By eliminating excess moisture in your shoes, boxing gloves, hockey gloves, lacrosse gloves and gym bags, you can make it less-hospitable for these odor-causing germs and help keep your sports equipment fresher and newer for longer.

Vapor Fresh Odor Eliminating Inserts are filled with super-absorbing biodegradable filling able to draw in moisture from its surrounding environment. Vapor Fresh Odor Eliminating Inserts are made from an antimicrobial, breathable fabric to ensure that the inserts can draw in moisture efficiently without harboring additional bacteria.

Vapor Fresh Odor Eliminating Inserts are also perfectly compatible with our Vapor Fresh Boxing Glove Dogs, which are designed to allow you to remove and replace these inserts, making your boxing gloves machine-washable and very long-lasting.

Vapor Fresh Odor Eliminating Inserts are available at VaporFresh.com as well as Amazon.


Raw Athletics Announces Partnership With Washington Area Bicyclist Association

Raw Athletics is proud to announce a partnership with the Washington Area Bicyclist Association.

“We’re excited to support WABA,” said Stephen Steinberg, Founder of Raw Athletics. “They are an extremely well-run organization that’s doing great work in advocating for a better, safer and more robust cycling experience in Washington DC, especially when it comes to bike lanes, safer commutes and biking trails. We look forward to supporting them as best we can, as well as working side-by-side with other business sponsors to further the overall mission.”

Raw Athletics, a local Washington DC business founded in 2008, develops a line of green cleaning products specifically for the sports & fitness industry called Vapor Fresh®. A number of the Vapor Fresh® products are specifically designed for active people such as avid cyclists.

Vapor Fresh® Laundry Detergent is an extremely high-performance detergent designed to effectively wash away sweat, stains and body odors all without the use of common additives found in average detergents such as fragrances, dyes, brighteners and softeners. While those additives are great for cotton clothing, they clog the pores of technical fabrics causing them to become less effective at wicking away sweat and regulating body temperature. Vapor Fresh® Laundry Detergent is great at washing everyday clothing such as cottons and denims as well as technical performance wear, making it the one-and-only detergent needed for anyone that owns a lot of workout clothes and leads a healthy and active lifestyle.

Another Vapor Fresh® product cyclists may be interested in is the new moisture and odor eliminating inserts. Made from antimicrobial fabric and filled with super-absorptive biodegradable material, it is designed to draw away moisture from shoes, gym bags and more, helping to prevent damp conditions ideal for odor-causing bacteria . There is also a new scented version that utilizes all-natural fragrances in order to leave a refreshing scent behind.

Vapor Fresh® products can be found at www.vaporfresh.com as well as on Amazon.

Vapor Fresh Boxing Glove Dogs

Raw Athletics Launches New Patent-Pending Glove Dog For Boxing Gyms

Boxing gyms across the world use items called glove dogs to keep boxing gloves clean, fresh and organized while not in use.

Problem is, average glove dogs do more harm than good.

Average glove dogs restrict airflow within the boxing glove, slowing down the drying process. When boxing gloves don’t dry fast, they harbor bacteria. On top of that, average glove dogs are not reusable– once they become too smelly and nasty, you must throw them away and buy new ones. This becomes costly and is not environmentally-responsible.

Vapor Fresh® Glove Dogs address all these problems and allow boxing gyms to keep their boxing gloves fresh, clean, organized and ready for their next use.

Vapor Fresh® Glove Dogs have many benefits:

  • Patent-pending design for removable and replaceable inserts. By allowing for removable and replaceable inserts, Vapor Fresh® Glove Dogs can be used and re-used for a long time while maintaining top moisture absorbing capability.
  • Machine washable. Removable inserts also allow for the shell of the glove dog to be washed thoroughly. This ensures that the glove dog remains fresh at all times and doesn’t reinfect boxing gloves with odor and bacteria over and over again.
  • Made from breathable & anti-microbial fabric. Vapor Fresh® Glove Dogs are built with antimicrobial fabric, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria, which in turn ensures that your glove dogs are fresh and clean at all times. This breathable fabric also allows for proper airflow to assist in the drying process.

Vapor Fresh® Glove Dogs are available at vaporfresh.com as well as on Amazon.

Vapor Fresh Gym Wipes Now Available In Ohio

Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes Now Available In Ohio!

Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes — the fastest growing gym wipes brand in the country — are now available in the state of Ohio!

Since launching in October 2015 as the first and only citric-acid gym wipe on the market, over 15 universities and over 30 gyms have switched over to Vapor Fresh® Gym Wipes because of the cost savings, the greener chemistry and the stronger disinfecting properties compared to other gym wipes with harsher chemicals.

All other gym wipe brands use either ammonia, bleach or phenols as their disinfectant, but all of these chemicals come with serious side effects. The Environmental Working Group rates quaternary ammonium compounds an F when it comes to environmental and human health, while they rate citric acid as low hazard.

On top of the health and environmental benefits of Vapor Fresh® Gym Wipes, they also contain 1200 wipes per roll instead of 800-900, which results in significant cost savings. When comparing Vapor Fresh® Gym Wipes to other gym wipes on a cost-per-wipe basis, Vapor Fresh® is by far the most cost-effective option.

To purchase Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes, check out the product page over at www.vaporfresh.com.

Vapor Fresh Disinfecting Gym Wipes

Introducing The Newest Vapor Fresh Product– Disinfecting Gym Wipes!

Today, Raw Athletics and Vapor Fresh launched a new product, the third product in the Vapor Fresh family of cleaning supplies– disinfecting gym wipes! Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes is a next-generation gym wipe that saves gyms money and keeps gyms cleaner.

Most other gym wipes out there use one of three class of chemicals– bleach, quaternary ammonium compounds or phenols. These chemicals have been shown to cause numerous problems:

Chemicals in other gym wipes that are NOT in Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes

ortho-Phenylphenol: Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinic has determined that ortho-Phenylphenol can cause new cases of asthma via respiratory sensitization, and also a recognized carcinogen by the State of California.

Chlorine Bleach (Sodium hypochlorite): EPA requires the strongest warning statement, “DANGER: CORROSIVE. Causes irreversible eye damage and skin burns.” Four different state health departments also conducted a small study and found that bleach products contributed to 43 new cases of asthma, mainly the custodial staff using them. It’s also very corrosive and can damage surfaces.

Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (Quats): Also a respiratory sensitizer and can cause new cases of asthma. It’s classified by the EPA as a “severe skin and eye irritant”. They also tend to not degrade, and therefore concentrate in sewage systems. Because they are also highly toxic to fish, this poses a very serious environmental threat.

Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes Save Gyms Money, Keeps Them Cleaner and Keeps Them Safer

Vapor Fresh® Disinfecting Gym Wipes uses Citric Acid as it’s active ingredient, which is just one of the many benefits of switching to our gym wipes–

  • Lowest cost-per-wipe compared to all major competitors
  • EPA-registered to kill microbes and disinfect surfaces 2x faster than the leading competitor
  • The safest EPA Toxicity Rating (Category IV)
  • Free of bleach, quaternary ammonium compounds and phenols
  • Extremely high-quality woven material

Go to VaporFresh.com to learn more >>

Vapor Fresh Called a Miracle Soap Featured In Mens Journal

Men’s Journal Calls Vapor Fresh® Laundry Detergent “Miracle Soap”

Men’s Journal recently released it’s 2015 Summer Gear edition, and included it’s list of the best and must-have summer running gear. Included in their gear edition was their favorite laundry detergent– Vapor Fresh® Laundry Detergent!

The Men’s Journal Summer Running Gear edition included a ton of very cool stuff, but we were so honored that the editors over at Men’s Journal decided to include us in their prestigious list.

Coined, “The Miracle Soap”, the editors at Men’s Journal cited the fact that Vapor Fresh’s ability to eliminate lingering odors nearly impossible to remove while at the same time not only keeping the wicking ability of the fabric safe, but actually strengthening it back to its original ability.


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